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Here are some of the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) that many clients ask Cupcake the Clown. If you have a question, and the information is not provided here, then please call
Cupcake the Clown:

(03) 9309 2095


1 hour Party Fun $170

Party Fun Entertainment with Balloon Sculpture, Interactive Party Games, Magic Tricks, Storytelling & Jokes, Sing-along & Dancing, & Party Bubbles for all the children! (up to 20 children)

1.5 hour Party Fun $220

Party Fun Entertainment with Balloon Sculpture, Interactive Party Games, Magic Tricks, Storytelling & Jokes, Sing-along & Dancing, Facepainting, & Party Bubbles for all the children! (up to 20 children)

1 hour Clown Magic Show from $200

Clown Magic Show Entertainment with a hilarious Clown Comedy Magic Show, Balloon Sculpture, & Interactive Party Games! (up to 20 children)

Q: How long after my guests arrive should the Party entertainment commence?

A: Itís usually a good idea to allow approximately half an hour for guests to arrive before starting the entertainment, in case of late arrivals, also to give people time to say hello and get settled, and to give their gifts to the birthday child. If your party is in a function centre, you might want to co-ordinate the children's entertainment with the meal service, DJ or band.


Q:  Is it OK if thereís more children than the Party Package recommends?

A: Please be aware that it may mean there's less time to do some of the party activities you've requested. You can organize extra time so the children can enjoy all the party activities you've booked, with no stress on the day! Please refer to the Parties Page for suggested guidelines for the number of children for each party package, and ask Cupcake the Clown when making your enquiry.


Q: Is there an extra charge for each additional child?

A: No - but please remember that its important to make sure that you can fit everything in to the time booked. EG: approximately one minute per child for Balloon Sculpture, and 3 minutes per child for a simple Facepainting design.


Q: Whereabouts does Cupcake the Clown entertain?

A: Cupcake the Clown entertains at Schools, Childcare Centres, Holiday Programs, Festivals, Markets, and Corporate events - with Magic Shows, Balloon Sculpture, Facepainting, Walkaround Magic and Comedy entertainment. She also entertains children at a wide range of party locations such as Play Centres, Restaurants, Parks - or even Birthday Parties at home!


Q: What age range can Cupcake the Clown entertain?

A: Cupcake the Clown entertains children of all ages, from toddlers and older kids through to teenagers. She is also available for grownups parties, 'cause they're allowed to have lots of fun too!


Q: Is this a Stage Show performance?

A: No. Cupcake the Clown is an interactive performer, and works up close with the children so that they can be involved in all the activities, including the Magic Show.


Q: Do you need anything set up before you arrive?

A: Cupcake the Clown arrives ready to perform, so thereís no equipment such as CD players to set up before the start time. If your booking includes facepainting, please have a small table and two chairs available, or let Cupcake know if she needs to bring them along. If the facepainting area is outside, it's a good idea to have an undercover area or marquee available in case of showers or sunburn.


Q: What sort of space do you require to perform?

A: Anywhere really. It's a good idea to have some space set up for the children to sit and watch, that will also be safe for them to move around in if they're playing games. If it's outside sometimes parents put a rug down on the ground for the children to sit on - make sure its in a shady spot. Itís a good idea to turn the TV and stereo off before starting the performance.


Q: How far do you travel for parties?

A: Cupcake the Clown is available for parties all over the Melbourne Metropolitan area, and beyond! A travel charge applies for parties located outside the Melbourne Metro area (20km) or in rural areas.


Q: What sort of Facepaints do you use?

A: The Facepaints used are "Aquacolour" and "Paradise Paints" professional water based paints, which are hypo-allergenic and safe for young children. If you have any concerns about allergies or sensitive skin, please let Cupcake the Clown know before she applies any paint! These paints wash off the skin easily with water.


Q: What sort of Party Games do you play?

A: All of the Party Games are interactive and are selected from a range of favorites such as "Duck Duck Goose", "What's the time Mr Wolf", Grandmother's Footsteps", "Limbo", "Musical Statues", "Musical Chairs"; and can also include "Pass the Parcel" by special request.


Q: Do you provide lolly bags, prizes, pinatas or invitations?

A: No. Cupcake the Clown is pleased to bring you the highest quality entertainment for your party or special event, focusing on amazing entertainment, perfectly polished performance, and lots of fun for all the children!


Q: We are worried about little children being frightened of the clown.

A: Cupcake the Clown is very friendly, and sensitive to small children who might be a bit worried. She's bright, colourful, and a bit silly, but there's no big frizzy wig, and no white face. If a child is shy she uses gentle techniques such as encouraging them to watch from a safe distance, before asking if they feel safe to come closer. She also uses beautiful bubbles, big hugs from Mum and Dad, and lots of smiles to help soothe any tears.


Q: What sort of notice do you require for a booking?

A: It's usually a good idea to book at least two or three weeks in advance. Please remember that Saturday and Sunday mid-afternoon is a very popular time throughout the year, and especially in peak periods such as summertime! Cupcake the Clown is happy to take bookings months in advance, but is also sometimes available for last minute requests.

Please call Cupcake the Clown on 03 9309 2095 for any enquiries!

If there is no answer, please do leave a message, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


Q: Do we need to pay a deposit to confirm the booking?

A: Yes. A non-refundable Deposit of $80 per hour booked is required, in order to secure party bookings. Please ensure that you complete your deposit as soon as possible, as your requested time and date will not be confirmed until payment is made.

Deposits are payable by Direct Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer to: WESTPAC Bank, All Star Celebrations. When entering your deposit, please provide your name and the date of your party to identify the payment. Please keep a receipt of your transaction as proof of payment.


Q: How do we pay for the booking?

A: Once the deposit has been completed, the balance of payment for each booking is pre-payable by direct deposit or EFT to All Star Celebrations Westpac Bank, OR payable by COD cash on the day. If paying COD, please have the correct payment ready to give to Cupcake the Clown at the end of the party!


Q: Do you accept cheques?

A: We accept company cheques from organizations and businesses only.
Sorry but personal cheques are not accepted.


Q: Can I get an invoice?

A: Yes, an invoice is available for all work done by Cupcake the Clown and All Star Celebrations.


Q: Is there a cancellation fee?

A: Once your non-refundable deposit of $80 per hour booked has been made, and your booking has been confirmed, there is no further cancellation fee for standard party bookings. If you have made a booking but havenít yet paid the deposit, and you decide that you do not want to go ahead, please call the office and let us know!


Q: What if we want to cancel, or change the booking time or date?

A: Sometimes unforeseen events do occur such as accidents or illness! If there is a genuine emergency we will attempt to accommodate an alternative time or date subject to availability. If there are unavoidable circumstances that require you to cancel a confirmed booking (such as chicken pox!) then please do call Cupcake the Clown as soon as possible to let her know.

Please remember that there are often a number of party enquiries for the same time and date. Once your booking is confirmed, please be aware that Cupcake the Clown will refuse other paid work for the same time and date in order to come to YOUR party...


Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Please ensure that you have an appropriate alternate venue arranged in case of wet weather, especially if your party is in a park or outside, so that your entertainment can still go ahead. It's also a good idea to confirm all of your party arrangements such as venue hire and RSVPs, to make sure there's no problems with the venue or poor attendance.


Q: Do you have public liability insurance?

A: Yes, Cupcake the Clown has full public liability insurance relating to all performance activities, and is happy to provide a copy of the certificate of currency if required as a condition of booking.


Q: Do you have a Victorian Police Check or Working With Children Check?

A: Yes, Cupcake the Clown has a current Victorian Police Check which is the equivalent of the Working With Children Check, and is happy to provide a copy of the certificate if required as a condition of booking.


Q: What is your training and background?

A: Please have a look at the About Cupcake the Clown page for more information about Cupcake the Clown's performing arts training, skills, and experience!

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